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Salim's Middle Eastern Groceries
4705 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
phone: 412-621-8110


"Salim's is the best Middle Eastern grocery shop in Pittsburgh."
                                                            -G.H. Murdock, Murdock Shadyside

Salim by shelves of groceries.

Salim stocks a a wide-range of specialty Middle Eastern/Greek/Eastern European groceries. He carries seven varieties of rice, many hard-to-find seasonings and spices, zaatar, falafel mix, rose water, canned foods, frozen meats, baklava, delicious homemade yogurt and many other delicious food products available at reasonable prices. Some are seasonal, others are dependent on availability from suppliers. And Salim is always keeping his eyes out for items that are newly available. There are too many grocery items to list, but here are some examples:

Domestic Feta, Bulgarian Feta, French Feta, Kashkaval, Double Cream, Halloumi, String, and others.

Green Cracked, Greek Black, Calamata, Oil-Cured.

Cucumber, Turnips, Mixed Vegetables.

Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Curry, Peppers, Sumac, Bay Leaves, Mixed, and a whole lot more.

Beans and Peas
Chick Peas, Fava Beans, Kidney Beans, Green and Red Lentils, Black Beans.

Cracked Bulgur Wheat, Shelled Wheat, Jasmine Rice, Long Grain Rice, Short Grain Rice.

Coffees and Teas
 Dark and Light Coffee Beans especially for Turkish Coffee, Ceylon Bulk Tea, Herbal Teas.

Olive Oil, Butter and Vegetable Ghee, Jams and Preserves imported from Lebanon; Frozen Vegetables imported from Egypt, such as Molokieh and Okra and Artichoke; Phyllo and Kataifi Dough for making pastries.

If you don't see it here, give Salim a call (412-621-8110) , or send an e-mail, or better yet, stop by soon.

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