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Salim's Homemade Baklava
A Sweet Gift Anytime

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We ship baklava everywhere!

Baklava is a Middle Eastern pastry that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. It's thin layers of pastry filled with ground walnuts, slowly baked to golden brown, then cut into diamonds and covered with honey.

Baklava makes a great gift for holidays, weddings, and other special occasions. We do holiday gifts, and we welcome corporate accounts. We make Baklava fresh in our store and take care of the wrapping and shipping.

 We make two types of pastry trays: small baklava of 35 pieces for $18.90, and small mixed trays of 35 pieces for $23.75; shipping is additional.

To order, call 412-621-8110 or e-mail salim@salimsfoods.com.


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